Difference between 12v and 6v ride on cars, you need to know

Difference between 12v and 6v ride on cars

Difference between 12v and 6v ride on cars

If you need to buy a experience on vehicle for the children, you then have probable located the term 12v or 6v vehicles. I turned into also confused approximately what they’re and what are the differences among them.

12v motors use 12-volt motor and battery, 6-volt automobiles use 6-volt motor and battery. As a end result, 12-volt ride on cars have extra power, extra velocity and want extra charging time than 6-volt automobiles. 12-volt automobiles are suitable for three to six years antique kid whereas 6-volt motors are normally for 1 to a few years antique.

Let’s discuss them in more detail.

12v ride on vehicles have a better speed than 6v journey on motors
The speed of a journey on automobile depends on many capabilities together with weight, variety of seats, and so on. However, generally, a 12-volt vehicle has a better velocity than 6-volt motors.

How speedy does a 12v ride on move?
As 12-volt trip on automobiles use 12-volt cars, they produce better energy. The maximum velocity of a 12v electricity wheel can be 4mph to five mph.

How speedy does a 6v ride on cross?
As 6-volt vehicles are utilized in 6v vehicles, they produce much less electricity than a 12 volt vehicle. The maximum pace of 6-volt experience on energy wheel can be from 2 to a few mph.

12-volt car wishes extra charging time than a 6-volt vehicle
It takes extra time to fully rate a 12v automobile than a 6 volt automobile.

Time required to price a 12-volt vehicle
The first time a 12 volt automobile desires to be charged for about 18 hours. After that, for normal use, they need to be modified for 12 hours for being fully charged.

Time required rate a 6-volt vehicle
It takes a lower quantity of time to price 6-volt vehicles. Initially, you have to charge it for 10 hours. For every day use, you may should fee them for 6 hours for full converting.

6v vehicles are properly for indoor use whilst 12 volt vehicles are appropriate for outdoor use
I have already cited that 12 volt automobiles produce greater strength. As a result they’re very good for outdoor activities. Because in their higher energy, they can without problems go through hard surfaces.

On the opposite hand, 6 volt experience on cars have less electricity, as a end result, they may be excellent for indoor makes use of but now not excellent sufficient for outside activities.

12v experience on motors are for three to 6 years antique kids whilst 6v vehicles are for 1 to a few years vintage youngsters
6-volt cars have much less power, less pace and are ideal for indoor activities. For this purpose, they’re very suitable for youngsters of one to a few years vintage. It is very secure for them too.

On the opposite hand, when the kids are a little more grown up, parents experience safer to involve them on out of doors sports. 12 volt motors are ideal for that purpose. If you need your children to power motors inside the lawn in front of your property, then a 12 volt car is ideal for it. So 12 volt motors are more suitable for 3 to six years old youngsters.

12 volt motors might also have 2 seats whereas 6 volt vehicles generally have 1 seat
This genuinely relies upon on the layout. However, commonly maximum of the 12 volt vehicles have seats. On the other hand, maximum of the 6 volt vehicles have one seat.

There’s a reason behind this. As 12 volt automobiles have better power they’re capable of sporting 2 kids. On the other hand, 6 volt motor has lower electricity. For this purpose, generally they are designed to hold one toddler.

What does the ‘v’ suggest in 12v and 6v trip on motors
The ‘V’ in 12v or 6v refers to voltage. In easy words, it’s far a degree of electrical strength. A 6v vehicle runs on 6 volt motor. This manner 6 volt car wishes much less power to run it.

On the opposite hand, as 12 volt cars use 12v motor, they want extra power than 6 volt automobiles to run. Which also method, they may be more powerful and extra appropriate to run on hard and bumpy surfaces.

12v or 6v? Which one is right on your kid?
It genuinely relies upon on the age of the child. Also, it relies upon on in which will you let your kids to force it.

If your child is 1 to 2 years antique, then they’re purported to drive the car interior. In that case, you must move for a 6 volt trip on automobile.

However, if you have older kids who may additionally pressure the automobile outside of the house, then going for a 12 volt car can be a good concept.

12v or 6v? Which one is more secure?
I have to say each are secure if you buy the cars according to the child’s age requirement. Don’t neglect to preserve the safety policies on your children. I will suggest shopping for a energy wheel as they take a look at every in their models very well.

However, if you are very much concerned approximately protection then you should purchase a 6 volt vehicle.

Real lifestyles Example of difference between 6 volt vehicle and 12 volt automobile
Jeep Wrangler 6 volt VS. Jeep Wrangler 12 volt
Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: $137

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: $299

6 volt automobiles are way inexpensive than 12 volt automobiles. In this example, it’s far less than 1/2.

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 26.38 x sixteen.Ninety three x 38.19 in

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: forty seven x 30.Five x 33 in

As 12 volt motors have better power they commonly have stronger build and more seats.

For this motive it 12 volt Wrangler has extra space than a 6 volt Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 31 lbs

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: fifty seven lbs

For the identical reasons, the load of 12 volt cars also are higher. I even have already stated that a 12 volt battery weight is higher than a 6 volt battery.

Max speed

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 2.Five mph ( 4 km/h) forward and backward

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: ahead 5 mph (8 km/h) backward – 2.5 mph (4 km/h)

The forward pace of this 6 volt vehicle is 2.5 mph whereas it’s miles 5 mph for the 12 volt Jeep Wrangler that is double.

However, the opposite velocity of 6 volt and 12 volt Jeep Wrangler are equal. I think they did it for protection reason.

Number of seats

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 1 seat

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: 2 seats

This is likewise a tremendous function of 12 volt vehicle.. Just imagine your child is using the car alongside along with his or her brother/sister.

Max weight of rider

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 50 lbs (23 kg)

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: 130lbs (59 kg)

If the kid’s weight is better than 50 lbs then you’ll not get the entire overall performance from a 6 volt ride on car. This is due to the fact the max weight restrict of the auto is 50 lbs.

In that case, you may purchase a 12 volt Jeep Wrangler which has a maximum weight restriction of one hundred thirty lbs.

Age group

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 1.Five to four years

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: three to 7 years

I have already stated that 6 volt automobiles are for younger kids.

According to the energy wheels business enterprise fisher-price 6 volt power wheels are suitable for 1.5 to four years vintage children and 12 volt electricity wheels are for three to 7 years old children.

Difference among 12v and 6v battery
No of cells

 Generally, 6 volt battery includes three cells and 12 volt battery includes 6 cells. Each cell are of 2 volts.


 The weight of a 12 volt battery is higher than 6 volt battery. 

   If you're an adult, you will likely be able to carry a 6 volt battery through your self. However, it's miles very difficult to hold a 12 volt battery.


 Price of 12 volt battery is also higher than 6 volt battery.

When I last checked, the charge of strength wheels’ 12 volt battery become eighty three dollars. For 6 volt battery, the fee become fifty two bucks.

Visit this hyperlink to find out the current charge.

What happens when you turn 6v and 12v battery?
If you add a 12 volt battery to a 6 volt electricity wheel, then the 6volt motor gets too much energy and as a result, the motor can also burn down.

On the other hand, if you add a 6 volt battery to a 12 volt electric vehicle, the motor will no longer get sufficient energy to feature well.

So, if you are buying the battery of your electric powered automobile, be careful to buy the best battery.

6 volt motors are exact for 1 to a few yr vintage youngsters who will trip the auto interior. On the opposite hand, 12 volt automobiles are for four to 7 years old children who will actually revel in the interesting trip exterior at the side of their siblings and buddies. The fundamental cause behind this is, 12 volt automobiles are built with 12 volt motor which is strong sufficient to do those responsibilities. Due to those reasons, their price is likewise better.

What is your opinion about it? Which type of car do you select maximum?

If you have any query or opinion about it let me recognise inside the feedback phase.

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